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Hi everyone.

Need some help with my fourth child.

Due to family arrangements, my 1 year old sleeps in his cot in our room. We are unable to put him in his own room at this point.

He goes to bed fine. We get the occasional tantrum, but usually he goes to sleep easily.

From 12 onwards, (sometimes even 1030) he wakes up screaming his head off and won’t settle unless we give him a bottle of milk. That’s a lot of milk! He thrashes around with his eyes closed. Throws the dummy away if I try giving it to him. Kicks. Not me, but just kicks about. His screams are ear piercing and sound like he is in pain. But once I pick him up or give in with the bottle he settles. Sometimes it seems like it might be restless legs syndrome (as I have it) but my Dr assured me it wasn’t. He is not sick. He is not teething. (Panadol or nurophne don’t help him settle) he doesn’t have an ear infection. He has a regular routine and sleeps well in the morning and afternoon.

I have tried rocking him. Taking him out of the room. Putting him in my bed. Giving him his dummy. Letting him CIO, the shh pat pat technique, the pick up put down method. Patting him in his cot while I’m next to him. Anything really. With all methods, he has never settled. It has gone on for over an hour and by the end of it either my husband or I just give in with a bottle. I know he doesn’t need the bottle and it’s not good for him, but I need sleep! Lol

I thought that it might be night terrors, but he doesn’t settle without a bottle.

The issue is, I have family in the room next to me that I don’t want to wake. And the times that they are not home I have given all methods a really good go.

I’m going to go to the Dr today and talk about anything I am missing. My other 3 kids were fine when it came to sleeping, and still are. I know what issue is that as of 4 months, I would pick him up as soon as he cried so that I wouldn’t wake other people in the house, but this is just getting out of hand. He won’t even settle in bed with me.

Just need to know if anyone else is or has been in the same boat, and what helped you, if anything!

Thanks in advance.

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