8 month of night sleeps

8 month of night sleeps

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and to forums and anything like this, so if i haven't posted this in the correct area, my apologies...

So, I am a mother of 4 beautiful kids and have used tweaked versions of CIO method for the first 3. I have no issues with their sleep.

My 8 month old is a different issue... He co-slept with us till around 4 months (Although i did do this with all kids) as we moved in with family and didn't have a cot for him. 3rd child was using and we were hoping to transition him into a bed and wouldn't need to buy a new cot, but that didn't happen... LOL

Afternoon naps are perfect, but a typical night goes like this...

By 8pm he is fed, changed and ready for bed. i put him down awake, say goodnight and he doesn't make a sound. If he cries, it's only for 2-5 minutes and he falls asleep. Perfect...

He will then wake up between 12-2am and cry with his eyes closed. I then breast feed him, and sometimes even give him formula and try to put him down awake, he looses his $h!T. So desperate times, i have rocked him to sleep and put him down, but that doesn't last long.

So at this point he is in our bed, which honestly i wouldn't care about if he would just go to sleep, but instead he cries in his sleep, thrashes around and scratches and kicks. Panadole works sometimes, but i feel like its not a teething thing. Especially on the nights it doesn't calm him down. 

From then on he is up and down anywhere between 4-8 times. He wont settle alone, or in bed with me. He wont settle in my arms. He sometimes settles on the boob, but then thrashes and cries, same with the bottle.Husband has also tried, but that makes it worse. LOL

i have tried letting him CIO, but i don't think the CIO method works for him. OR just doesn't work for him right now. i also cant be consistent with the CIO method as we live with family who need to get up early for work...

So the whole night, I'm stressing out, not only about my poor baby, but also about the family members who wake up too (Mind you, they have never complained, they are great)

I know it wont be like this forever, and he will grow out of it. My concern is more that its something more than a baby with sleep issues.

Any help will be appreciated, but please remember to be kind to one another and lets not judge each other. 

Have a great day, and thank you all in advance. Smile


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