Repeating school at Year 4 QLD

Repeating school at Year 4 QLD

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Hi All. I would love your opinion on repeating school at year 4 and 5.

My son is currently in year 4. He born in May so he is the youngest one in his class at school. My husband and I have been thinking about repeating him since prep. We have consulted with his teacher so many time throughout the year. His academic is totally fine in fact he was one of the top performance in the class. His teacher suggested us that holding him back would result him being bored at learning. We took the teacher advise but still have little doubt, mainly because of his social skills. He has been bullied a bit and struggling to make friends. His teacher said he will catch up on that as the year goes by, he will be more mature and adapting himself in social skills.

However, since he started year 3, everything seems to get worse in social engagement. He started to hate school, teacher and hardly has any friends. He doesn't want to play with anyone. He has low self-esteem and lack of attention. His academic was also going a bit down at school which was not our main concern yet. We took him to see OT, psychologist and speech therapist throughout the year which helped him a lot to go through. His main problem seems to be all about social engage and keep up with his friends in the same year that is much older than him. His speech is still developed as he was quite delay in language. We have used so many strategies to help him in social wise but there are still more to catch up which make us think repeating school would give him more time to catch up on it.

Now that he's in year 4, he started to get struggle more academically. He's still among the middle in the class but we can see that things are getting harder and faster than he can catch up. We don't want him to be on top or anything but we just concerned more about catching up on all standards for his year level. The struggling seems to build up year by year, more and more.

He will be going to the new school as we move the house at year 5 so we think this would be the great time if he needs to repeat. I did a lot of research on this but most people repeating their kids for academic purpose and most of research doesn't support this. Has anyone ever repeating their child mainly on social engage and maturity problem? We are making the appointment with the school to talk about this but not too sure if our reason would be acceptable. Will private school be easier to ask to repeat the kid? Should we consult with his psychologist before talking to school?

If anyone have the same experience of any suggestion about this, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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