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Parents and Carers of 0-6 Year Olds needed for diary study


By 3BoysLater - 15/05/2018

Technology Use of 0-6 year olds:
You are invited to take part in the study titled “Technology Use of Children 0-6 years".
You have the opportunity to be involved in this unique study which is conducted in two parts with full participation involving the completion of a short online questionnaire and a paper and pen 7-day diary. At the completion of the questionnaire, if you are eligible based on your questionnaire responses, you have the opportunity to opt in to complete the second stage being the diary. The 7-day diary is based on the daily recording of the technology use of one specific child in the required age range.
You are invited to participate if:  
  • you are the parent or carer of a child who is 0-6 years of age and currently residing with you, and
  • you are over 18 years of age.
Upon completion you will also go into the draw for cash prizes.
If you would like to participate please click on this link https://psi.usq.edu.au/ols/?P=YCT18

Principle Investigator
This study is being conducted as part of a Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology) program being undertaken at USQ. For more information please click on the link or email me, Kylie Laing, at W0037614@umail.usq.edu.au (Principle Investigator).

Ethical Approval

This study has ethical approval # H18REA077

Thank you so much for considering my study.